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“It was more of “This is the opportunity for me.” I actually didn’t start looking into franchising until after I found Core Progression. From there, I did investigate other franchise opportunities but most of that was for research purposes. Are there any other better things out there? No – Not for me. Nothing seemed to fit for me as well as Core did. I would actually say that Core found me, I didn’t find Core.”

1. How did you work yourself into a position to open a Core Progression?
I moved to Colorado after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, about 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked for US Bank, Key Bank, obtained my Mortgage Loan Originator License, and even started my own cheese distribution company. Now? I’m excited to get involved with Core Progression!

2. Why did you choose Core Progression?
It was more of a “this is the opportunity for me,” moment. After I found Core Progression, I investigated other franchising opportunities, but most of that was for research purposes. Are there any other better things out there? No – not for me. Nothing seemed to fit me as well as core did and, actually, I would say that Core found me, I didn’t find Core.


3. What are your future plans when it comes to Core Progression?
I always have my pulse on the markets and I see now as a good time to invest. My plan is to open up my first Core Progression and, once it’s profitable, reinvest that money into opening up one store a year for the next three to five years. After that, I’ll focus on my existing stores for a few years, pick my expansion plans back up, and eventually move Core out of Colorado.


4. Why franchising?
Plain and simple, I’m an entrepreneur. At this point in my life, though, I like the structure of a franchise. Jonathan Cerf (Core’s Founder) and Eric Ellenwood (Core’s COO) have created a proven method and system, both of which I’m not going to deviate from.


5. Who would you recommend franchising with Core Progression?
For me, I couldn’t see somebody who doesn’t workout or somebody who has no fitness expertise being able to successfully open up a Core Progression. To franchise with Core Progression means franchising with a lifestyle choice.

6. What advice would you give to someone when it comes to joining a Franchise?
You have to make sure you like the industry, make sure that you’re willing to put the work in, and, after you’ve found what you’re interested in, you HAVE to go out and do your due diligence.


7. In your opinion, why do you think Core Progression is a good investment opportunity?
With the health industry gaining more and more traction, year over year, there is a definite upside with Core Progression. The opportunity will always be there which means there’s always going to be opportunity, no matter what, for new clientele.


8. How is Core Progression’s marketing program?
The marketing program, how it works, was one of the biggest selling points for me. Honestly, it’s really what sold me. Your members take a personality test, state their goals, and then attend 18 classes over 6 weeks. Upon completion, they take “before and after” pictures. If your members are able to successfully make it through the 6 weeks, they get their money back! Half of the people end up signing up about halfway through because they see the results everybody is getting. About 30% sign up at the end of the six-week challenge and the remaining 20% accept their money back and go. So, we’re talking about an 80% retention rate just from the six-week challenge – which is sustainable model that has been proven time and time again.


9. How would you rate your relationship with the people of Core Progression?
If the marketing program is what sold me on Core Progression comes in at 1a, then the support from Jon and Eric that I’ve received is 1b. There are always questions but Jon and Eric always have the answers. Their communication, their availability, and their general understanding of everything has been incredible.


10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I really believe that Jon and Eric are both really good guys and I believe that they have your best interest at heart. That was really important to me. They will do everything in their power to make sure you’re successful because they believe in the program, in their model, in you, and in us.

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